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A lot of small business owners think that online marketing is something larger business do that want to reach a national or international audience. However, nothing could be further from the truth, utilizing online marketing can create lots of business.localseo

In fact, local search engine marketing is made for local marketing, let me demonstrate. If you do a search for a business or service on Google without putting in the city name, what comes back to you as the search results? That’s right, a local business.

Your business can end up in those types of local searches too, if you work on creating local buzz online for it. Over eighty percent of internet searches result in offline purchase, especially with the popularity of smartphones, people are just more likely than not to search the internet for your business than they are to open a phone book. In fact, I don’t know anyone that uses phone books anymore, do you?
If you want to create some local buzz about your business, create listings in the following places:

Google Places
Bing Places
Facebook Places

You should create full listings which means you should answer all questions fully to take maximum advantage of each systems features. And don’t forget that if there are places to include an image, ensure you do so. It’s also extremely beneficial to include keyword phrases at appropriate places. The secret is simple to complete your profile fully, work on the assumption that the more complete your profile is, the better the results will be. Once your profile is active, your next task is to ask your current customers to leave you an honest review on the local listing, users that search for your business can then read these reviews if they wish and this starts your relationship off in a positive way.

The next step is to ensure your website is optimized for local search terms, the first step in doing this is to select a domain name with the country specific extension for your location, if you are using a more generic one, consider getting a country specific one such as a .com.au and use them both on the same website. Your contact page should be coded properly so that the search engines have absolutely no doubt where your business is located, this should then be reinforced with the content throughout your website.

Every business website should have a blog, this should be included within your website and not directed people elsewhere. Once your blog is setup all you need do is write lots and lots of articles, each one utilizing your chosen keyword phrase and location. Provided you utilize basic SEO practices, again something that should be built into your website it then only becomes a matter of time before your business is listed highly in the search engines.

Basic Local SEO is as simple as this:

Title – include keyword phrase within it.
Introduction – include keyword phrase within it
Conclusion – – include keyword phrase within it
Write naturally to engage your audience and not for SEO, as this will stop you loading keyword phrases in an unnatural way.
Over keyword phrases should be between 2 and 3 percent, you can use WORD to work this out.
Images should have alt tags, this should include your keyword phrase.

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